Generally, most of the travelers visit Morocco specifically with an intention to explore the desert and spending a night under the sky full of stars. A desert adventure is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one should never miss out such a chance. Camel trekking Morocco is probably one of the main reasons behind the visit to this land of sands. The combination of camel trekking and an overnight stay with stargazing in the Moroccan deserts offers you one of the best and memorable experiences of your life. Before you kick start your desert plans have a look on few things that will help you in enjoying the desert to the fullest.

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Imagine you are sitting on the hump of a camel and trekking the Sahara desert just like the caravans of old did. Surrounded by silence and only the sound of the cleft feet of the camels slowly-moving along the soft sand is being heard. No matter where you look the never-ending stretches of sand encounter you. Far away from the hustle bustle of life, a sense of relief and peace is what you get here. This is what camel trekking Morocco can offer you! Isn’t that a great experience to have?

The desert landscape has a lot more to offer you from the stunning backdrop to the undiluted peace of the camel trekking along the century old routes to the sight of the brilliant blue sky above against the endless sand dunes, infinite vistas and the silence of the desert creating mysterious energizing powers. Then when you pass through the Berber villages you get a glimpse of the simplicity of life. The crumbling Kasbahs, rock formations make the Sahara trips experience a lot more exhilarating and enjoyable.

Sahara Trips

When the afternoon light changes, the color of the sands shift from pale brown to golden and then to pink and then as the sun sets the shadows trifle with the stunning colors. After a whole lot of enjoyment in the day get back to your camp site into the Berber tents with the colorful pillows and bright rugs offer you a haven of relaxation. And if you are lucky enough then you might get a chance to enjoy the traditional Berber music. Sleeping under the dark sky filled with glittering stars will offer you a marvelous experience.


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