China (November 27, 2018) – Most people look for the safe and easy ways to lose weight. They can get the best help from Clenbuterol tablets that has gained worldwide popularity including Australia for its weight loss benefits. But Australia has reported that besides its benefits, Clenbuterol has some side-effects. So, safe shopping should be made by the buyers in Australia and they can do this online from Omega-Lab.

From Omega-Lab, one can buy Clenbuterol that is safe not just from Australia, but also from any part of the world. In addition to providing the opportunity to buy this product, the website also teaches the three different ways in which one can use this product to get the weight loss benefits.

The website offers the facility to use Clenbuterol Paypal to pay for this product. The store is confident that Paypal will protect their buyers. However, PayPal is strict with trading Steroids. In addition to suggesting Paypal, Omega-Lab also suggests the steps to follow to pay their order with PayPal for buyers. WU is accepted if the order value is more than $500. In addition, the lab strongly recommends customers to buy using Bitcoins.

As far as shipping is concerned, the lab follows a shipping schedule that is done from Monday through Thursday. The buyers will get the product delivered to their doorsteps from 10 to 14 days after they pay for the Legit Clenbuterol that they shop from this lab. The shipping will be through EMS, which is Chinese Government Post Office. The lab also offers the facility for customers to track their orders online.

In the case of international orders, the company does the shipping through Hongkong Post Registered International Package. In this method, the delivery will be late as compared to the EMS above.  However, it is the safe method particularly when the customers want the delivery of medicines that are in the form of powders. The company has an excellent level of experience in shipping to Australia, Canada, UK and the US and most European Union Countries and Asian nations.

One of the buyers from Australia says “I am from Australia. This is my fifth order of this Clenbuterol and I opted for a larger quantity this time because it is so good. I didn't have high expectations, but this is really a very good product I highly recommend it for anyone.”

Clenbuterol Australia buyers need not have to worry as all shipping will be in faker names like herbal medicines or placebo to make sure that the package will get through the customs with ease. When talking about the validity date of their products, Omega-Labs have stated that all their products are up to date even though pictures are old. Two years validity from the date of manufacture is applicable for all products manufactured by this lab. In the case of hospital resource, they have 6-24 months validity.

About Omega-Lab:
Omega-Lab is China-Based medicine manufacturer. They ship to Australia and other parts of the country and they know the strict rules prevailing in Australia and accordingly ship Clenbuterol.

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New York, (November 30, 2018) – The excitement of a ride in a limo is unlike anything else. A limo offers a luxurious experience that is perfect for parties and other special events. But the elegance of a limo makes it particularly useful for wine tours. A limo is the perfect vehicle to use when traveling around to various wineries in many of the most beautiful surroundings in the country. is providing people with limo services that can be used for wine tasting tours.

The website is providing people with limo rentals that can be used for many services around the New York area. These include New York wine tours where people can head out to some of the popular wineries in the area and enjoy what these places have to offer. Finger Lakes wine tours are particularly supported.

The limo services offered by the site are designed to add to the experience of a wine tasting trip. People can enjoy some of the wines they are trying out in style inside the cabin of a limo. Also, the limo service is a safe transport solution as people who want to enjoy wine won’t have to worry about driving anywhere.

The limos that has to offer include many appealing vehicles that have been approved by the National Limousine Association. These include various attractive vehicles like a twelve-passenger Chrysler 300 limo or an eighteen-passenger Hummer limo. Some larger vehicles are also available, including party buses that can handle thirty people at a time. Fancy vehicles like the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying Spur are also available for people to takes a look at when finding appealing services.

All vehicles are driven by responsible and trained professionals. These include people who ensure they can handle their vehicles correctly while transporting their patrols carefully and with control.

People looking for great limos for their wine tours around New York can visit for additional details. People can also visit the group’s sister site to learn more about limo services around other parts of the country, including some limos on the West Coast for San Francisco wine tours.

Offering the best party bus, limousine and other luxurious transportation services, myNYCPartyBus is a top quality, luxurious bus and limousine service serving the entire New York City region. With a large fleet of well-maintained vehicles and staff of professional and courteous chauffeurs, the company delivers exceptional customer satisfaction at affordable prices.

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Shangdong, China, (November 20, 2018): Rushing Speed introduces you with many products of CNC router machine. The wood router is made of wood. Wood routers are mostly used to the machining of wooden materials especially furniture. CNC multi-function router is suitable for door, kitchen, wood chair and more. Mostly, it is used for shop fittings, PVC, plastic, furniture, aluminum production, and many others. It is helpful for putting small or big size board and it is easy to clamping because of the machine designed with a flying arm. The other functions of this router are drilling, cutting, and milling.

A woodworking CNC Router is also used for furniture, plastic, aluminum production, etc. Complex jobs can be easily done with the help of this machine and it will save time too. One of the main products of the CNC router machine is CNC 5 Axis processing Center router. This multi-axis router is the best product in terms of economy, although it is expensive. It’s 5 axis design proffers best results for cutting, trimming, and drilling. Most importantly, it is used for a huge amount of work of fixture machining. They choose MACH 3 open system for this machine because of its high price.

There is also CNC panel sizing center. It is widely used in the furniture factory, electrical appliances, and as hardware. It is a perfect example of electronic sawing machine. Ideal designing for your furniture by using CNC router is brought to reality. The main difference between the CNC wood router and the CNC router is, the CNC router is more capable to create sophisticated and modern design because it is computerized. Rushing speed is providing to you accurate and smooth design by using CNC woodworking router. They said, "We are not the best, but with our CNC equipment, we can satisfy our customers beyond expectation".

So, there are many reasons why you choose Rushing speed. All Rushing Speed CNC routers are manufactured by China. They are 100% reliable as they provide a wide range of choices of furniture to decorate your bedroom, living room, study room, office and so on with the woodcutting CNC Routers. Another reason for the popularity of this machine is it saves the labor cost. They will assure you that your money is being spent on the advanced technology and top-quality products along with a good customer service. They have specialized for product manufacturing, CNC machine installation, and mechanical design, maintenance, and also CNC software development.

About Rushing Speed:
Rushing Speed established in 2004 in Jinan, Shangdong, China. They started as a small repair shop. Their plant is located at Jinan city in Shangdong. Now, it continues to become the best designer of CNC router machine, CNC water jet cutting machine and High Precision CNC professional center machine to the world. They invest 4% of their annual net earnings for their developing technologies and new product. They exported their machine to 40 countries like Spain, Germany, South Korea, India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arab, Poland, Mexico, Bangladesh, and many others.

For more information, you can log on to this website:

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Jinan Rushing Speed CNC Equipment. Co. Ltd.
Address: No. 8299, West Jingshi Road, ChangQingb Area, Jinan, Shangdong, China
Email: /
Phone: 0086-531-82368706
Fax: 0086-531-82368706




San Francisco, USA (November 20, 2018): Gift your loved ones with the all-new personalized collections from Infinity Name Jewelry. The personalized jewelry will be the best present for any occasion to make your love pure. Now, the trademark design of this company dominates the world with the new sets of collections. Get personalized your name, any date, and alphabets on any jewelry.

You can choose according to the materials too from its collections of Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver plated ornaments. You can opt for alphabet personalized earrings. They look impeccably beautiful. Most women prefer the necklaces as most women want to wear personalized necklaces.

The Infinity name necklaces are sophisticated and can be worn on various occasions like an office party, hangouts with friends, wedding ceremony and others. It is the best and unmatched accessory that a woman can wear along formal outfits too. Apart from this, you will also find some other collections of Infinity necklace on its website. You must check out once the stunning ranges of the rings which you can gift your partners on the anniversary.  

If you are looking for a wedding ring for your partner, and cannot find out the best substitute of diamond, then you must try the limited edition of the birthstone imposed personalized ring. Though it is not the diamond, but the birthstones imposed over the Rose Gold plated or Sterling Silver plated rings are not less than the diamond.

If you want you can order for a couple pair rings too. These rings will make your wedding day more special. The bracelets too can be your symbol of love. Nowadays most people are looking for this new tradition and custom jewelry because, it is regarded as the symbol of love for your partner, parents, brother, sister, as well as children.

This will be also your symbol of “love for yourself”. There are many who prefer this jewelry for a style statement. Infinity Jewelry has a good collection of personalized earrings too. The earring is the most loved ornament of a woman. The youngsters and teens of this age especially boys have also started preferring ear piercing and wearing a stud. Thus, the company offers a wide collection of personalized sterling silver plated studs.

In the stud, the trademark design has been created horizontally and a wide space is there for personalized the names, dates or alphabets. The woman who loves to wear hooks will not get disappointed with its hook style. The astonishing dangling earrings have been created with the vertical infinity with personalized characters. This can be your perfect partner for any dates along with bright-colored off shoulder dress!     

About Infinity Name Jewelry
Infinity Name Jewelry is the new destination for artisanal jewelry. It offers a diverse range of metal plated jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It is famous for offering ‘infinity' designed ornaments. Moreover, you can get the chance to engrave or personalized your name, alphabets and dates on these custom pieces of jewelry. Don't get worried as it offers 30 days easy returns and free exchange facility exclusively for you! So, what are you waiting for, Shop at    
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Infinity Name Jewelry
Phone: + 1-888-1554-456-123
Skype: infinitynamejewelry




Norway, (20 November 2018): At Yogi Women, the tailors sketch High-Performance Women’s Custom designed for an Active experience. Mixing together Fashion and Functionality, their Activewear Collection is created to move with you, no matter what you are doing from playing to attending any meeting. Their sports Bras provide Best Support with Comfort and Breathability. Tights are composed of various Forms and Fabric, which is why a pair of Tights is Sold per minute. The ExcelTM Fabric has been formed for Twenty-Eight years by now, it has more Dynamic Properties than any other Fabric and is our Elite High-Performance Fabric for women activewear. One of the most ingenious items of activewear is high waisted leggings, one kind of yoga clothing for women which is a need for your workout wardrobe. Take a closer look at this exercise staple.

The New jeans: All day leggings for women
Thanks to an increase in fashionable activewear and athleisure, gymnastics pants are now adequate for everyday wear as well for the gym. Gone are the days of women wearing low, mean quality leggings which are see-through and offer limited coverage. Women nowadays conveniently wear exercise leggings for any event, from having a meal with friends to a random client meeting and can actually look fabulous in the process. Workout leggings for women are the latest jeans and we're wrapping them every day.

This item of activewear is so versatile that you can use your leggings for almost anything. Yoga, gym, exercise, or just relaxing around the house or engaging with friends.  One of the most widespread practices for women's leggings is yoga. The type of exercise demands the broadest range of action so that you can expand and pose without any restriction. If you want extra protection, then high rise yoga pants are an absolute classic.

Prefer ‘muffin top’ look? Go for High waisted gym leggings
What are high rise gym leggings? Well, there are three kinds of rising when it comes to ladies gym bottoms. Low rise is bottomed that touch your hips. When you wear jeans and pants, the low rise will have a very low height zipper and will hold near your extended point. This can be a bit difficult for the people who possess a curvy figure or for those who do not like their belly. The low rise was very cool and fashionable few years ago but has dropped out of admiration with most females due to the dreaded impression.

Mid-Rise pants
Next, they have mid-rise. Certain types of leggings and trousers will rise about as high till your gut button. Mid-rise pants can be convenient if you do not want your leggings additionally high and have a delicate stomach which gets awkward with too many definitive materials throughout.

About Yogi Women:
Yogi Women has all the combination of women clothing for yoga, meeting, casual look etc. They are selling all kinds of women activewear priced at reasonable rates. Everything they do is committed to making you look and appear marvelous. When struggling with workout sweat, nothing comes near to the exceptional comfort and support. The fit of Yogi women workout clothes is simply amazing. Buy here to discover your ideal activewear in our collection.

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China, November 2018: The classical Chinese elegant mysteries of jade roller massage have come to light after centenaries. They are now accessible to both men and women who aspire to enhance their presentation and replenish natural radiance to their skin. Jade roller massage grants these privileges and more in a simplistic yet strong process.

Many people cope with dull, weak, and inflamed skin produced by water retention. Adding in large openings and pores, fine lines rising up way before anticipated, and darkened circles under your eyes. So, the beauty business is constantly driving out new creams, serums, and lotions that guarantee restoration of clean and younger-looking skin. The latest thing to take care of yourself is not a clever brew of medicines, herbs, or oils. In fact, it is an Old Chinese beauty secret that uses simple rollers of jade or other gems to assist you to recover or repair the rejuvenated appearance you desire.

Jade rollers have several advantages for both men and women who seek to look their best. While they are seldom applied with facial lotions and creams, they still have concrete effects if employed on their own. People in Asia are using them for centuries for now.

Before you give away your delicate facial skin to a beauty tool, it is essential to endeavor the honest jade roller reviews online from genuine users. There are multiple best jade rollers labels and styles to pick from on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, as well as websites like My Face Roller where you can get all kinds of jade rollers. My Face Roller commodities for Gua Sha rubbing and rolling are manufactured keeping in mind the extraordinary standards to stop breakage and present the greatest feasible response and effects.

Features of Jade rollers for Face as 2018 BEST FACE SLIMMING TOOL
The coolness of the jade blocks pores while the roller raises blood circulation. This can decrease puffiness and wrinkles.

Excellent for puffiness in the face appearance or under eyes. Help consume the nutrients and elements when implementing the mask or before bed with your face serum.

Comes with a double-head design with a prominent big roller and a miniature roller.

The big roller continuously rubs your face, head and small roller suit to massage nose, eye and so on. Applying hardly any pressure, makes you relax after work.

Soft feel which never damages your skin. Apply with face lotion can improve the cream absorption. Usually using Jade Massager could be enduring for your youth.

Use as muscle and miniature forehead roller, rolling on the antiaging neck or as a dual double massager. Petting the area below the face is just as significant as the face itself.

To provide your skin surface a fresh glow, use jade rollers. Suitable for wrinkles, weight loss, skin tightening, use the Jade Massager 3 days a week for 5-10 minutes at a time is recommended.

When you complete the process, use the large roller, start cleaning rolls from below the jaw to the collarbone working out to the rear of the neck.  Repeat each course from the chin again.

About My Face Roller:
My Face Roller is a producer of jade rollers. Their products for Gua Sha rubbing and rolling have been excellent and is quite successful in the market. They ensure highest standards for producing their products that deal with delicate body parts. Moreover, the organization promises to deliver the best possible products with superb results.

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Tokyo, Japan, (20 November 2018): When you land in Narita or Haneda International Airport arrival gate, you do not have to wait in queue for a cab. The chauffeur will reach the airport and meet you with your signature or name on a signboard. They will greet you at the arrival gate. This will be the commencement of your incredible trip to Japan. The Japan car service will accompany you from the terminal to your hotel offering exceptional assistance.

The Japan airport transfer has several cars like Toyota Crown, Toyota Alphard (7 seaters), Toyota Hiace(11 seaters), Mitsubishi Rosa (18seater). Isuzu Gala(28seater), Isuzu Gala(45seater). Moreover, their limo and bus services are inexpensive than a taxi. The services covers airport pick up, ride to the hotel, private house, and service apartment.

Payment shall be made by Paypal online in advance or Japanese Yen in cash to the chauffeur on arrival at your resort in Tokyo. It is essential to notify them ahead before paying with Paypal online service. The charges incorporate tips, toll fee, parking fee and sign cost (Driver how your name on board at meeting at Haneda airport). The customer does not have to spend any additional expenses besides the charges.

Narita International Airport is situated 100 kilometers from the central area of Tokyo. It takes about 80-120 minutes by vehicle and costs 25,000 - 30,000 Japanese Yen. By subway or bus, it is extremely cheap. However, if this is your maiden visit or another vacation to Japan, or if you possess heavy baggage, they have limousines which will be much more comfortable and adequate for you.

The company offers limousine services charging cheaper the normal taxi fee by Toyota Crown, etc. Booking the services via the Internet is possible and complete payment by PayPal online in advance.  Or else, pay simultaneously after the arrival at your accommodation in Tokyo. The Narita airport to Tokyo service will support your arrival at Narita International Airport with the latest and unparalleled service. The amount shall be paid via Paypal online in advance or in Japanese Yen in cash or credit card that includes VISA, MasterCard, American Express or JCB and hand it over to the staff upon reaching the hotel in Tokyo. The charges comprise of tips, toll fee, parking fee and name signboard cost which the Driver shows when you arrive at the airport. The rider does not have to pay any additional or increased charges other than the prices.

Additional services? You must not worry regarding the communication with them, the drivers are fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese. You may obtain a booking via the internet or over the phone anytime from anyplace smoothly. The services are accessible 365 days and  24 hours. The prices are set and there is no need to think about charging you extra on a foreign land, even if you are moving for long distance. The fare is based on a fixed rate. The organization accepts Credit card, PayPal and cash payment methods. The fare ranges from 17,000 Japanese Yen to 21,000 Janapese Yen for a 5 seater Toyota Crown to 5 seater Toyota Lexus for Narita and 16,500 Japanese yen for Toyota Crown Royal Saloon and 19,800 Japanese Yen for the High ace grand cabin from Haneda airport to Tokyo.  

About Japan Airport Transfer:
They have vehicle renting facilities all over Japan's Haneda and Narita city. The drivers will handle airport pickup and airport transfer services for you from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.

The service is committed to safely drop you to your hotel or any other destination, door-to-door, with security and comfort for a moderate fare. Qualified drivers will assist you as you begin your touring or market in Japan. They are proficient in dealing with complicated transportation system with your heavy luggage the service provides you comfort all the way.

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YouLink Co. Ltd.  (YouLink travel)
Address :   1036-10 Suna  Kawagoe-city, Saitama
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Bay Shore, New York, USA, (20 November 2018): YnM delivers a premium class healing weighted blanket that controls the power of profound sense stimulation to circulate intense pressure across your body smoothly. It gives excellent all-natural sleep, healing experience to people with stress, autism, ADHD, restlessness, RLS restless leg syndrome, physical aches, and injuries, or pressure.

The heavy cooling weighted blanket serves to ease the high-strung, nervous system by simulating the sense of being owned or hugged. This raises serotonin and melatonin levels and reduces cortisol levels which improves your state of mind and encourage comfortable sleep at the same moment. The relaxing feeling treats to calm your body’s tissues and muscles, causing you to fall asleep quicker and sleep adequately throughout the night.

A weighted blanket should be tinier than your different bed blanket because it should embrace your body, other than your couch or bed. Consequently, when you see YNM counterpart or queen size weighted blanket cannot envelop your bedding, please be guaranteed that it is perfect. Although YNM weighted blanket is light and breathable, you may also feel warm if you are a hot sleeper or in heated climate, it is advisable to use a Fan or Air conditioner.

Why is Weighted Blanket Preferred Over Regular Blankets? Normal blankets have the capacity to make you only feel warm, whereas, on the other hand, weighted blankets which are made with improved fabric, cold touch feeling, claims to be the new second gen blanket which is highly suitable for hot sleepers and offers a comfortable feeling. The outer fabric is made from actual bamboo viscose, soft and brocaded, gives it a satin finish look. Moreover, it possesses an antibacterial function- the rate of bacterial culling on the surface of bamboo fabrics can reach up to 71% in one complete day. There are numerous inexpensive weighted blankets which do not offer complete cool feeling but can be useful to some extent.

YnM retains the capacity to create a unique 7-layer weighted blanket. Our 7-layer system is created to conveniently envelop your body and mold to your shape while you relax and the Higher glass beads & Limited fiber fill configuration allows greater heat control.

Prefer the blanket that measures about 10% of your aggregate body weight plus one, 15 lbs weight is meant for people hefting about 140 lbs. A weighted blanket is meant to be placed the top of the bedding and should not cover over the sides of the bed. While using it with infants or elders, assure the person has sufficient energy to push the blanket off themselves if needed.

Each section has a glass bead stitched inside in a position to restrict the movement and sound while you’re sleeping and render smooth, evenly-distributed weight that mildly conforms to your body.

YnM selling Amazon weighted blanket grants exclusive three-year guarantee. 100% Consumers Satisfaction is confirmed. No Trouble Return policy. In 3 years, if sudden damage occurs to your YnM weighted blanket, we can give free restoration process.

About YnM:
It is a brand which is working to serve the community by producing premium bed products for everyone. People with disabilities, autism, high anxiety issues, sleep-related pressure, insomnia etc will be the best beneficiaries. The organization offers incredibly soft blankets. It provides weighted blanket adult size as well has kids size.  

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Bay Shore, NY 11706




China (November 25, 2018) - CUSTOMYOURGIFT.COM is a top store that offers kid's gift and personalized gift for pets backed by the most high-quality customer services. It has some of the best products to offer to customers, and does its best to satisfy them. CUSTOMYOURGIFT.COM lets buyers get a Children's Drawing Necklace Sterling Silver based on a design drawn by their kids. The store allows customers to make their children’s drawing come alive. The necklace can be the best present for grandparents, nannies, sisters, wives and mothers or any loved one.

This custom gift for kids is a joy to have, and it is easy to order it from the store. The process is simple. Buyers need to upload a picture of the drawing of their kids onto the official web store address, which is CUSTOMYOURGIFT.COM, fill in all the options for customization and place an order. The designing team of the store takes 3 business days to actualize the design and make the necklace with 990 Sterling Silver. The actual artwork of a child is used in making a custom keepsake necklace. Customers can also have their name engraved at the pendant’s back section. It can be shipped in 5 to 7 days.  This can be a perfect gift for grandson or gift for granddaughter.

The necklace can be maintained very easily. A piece of soft fabric and a small amount of toothpaste can be used to rub it softly. It is delivered with a nice gift box, where buyers can keep it in.
The best gift materials, personalized to the preferences of customers, are offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers can get their choices at affordable costs. If there is a lack of satisfaction with any of the products, the store can fix or replace the same easily. Buyers can get responses in just 24 hours, although the wait can be slightly longer during high volume periods.

CUSTOMYOURGIFT.COM has the firm belief that the design industry will be ruled in the future by technological innovation. The main aim of the store is to go on innovating in ways impossible for others. It uses technology to bring all the superior products and satisfying the requirements of customers. Buyers can be assured of the most popular apparel and gift items as well as gadgets of their choices. The store takes payments in US dollars. Customers are expected to pay the total cost, which includes the purchase cost and the delivery charge – in case a delivery by DHL express service is required. All the payments on the store are processed via PayPal.

CUSTOMYOURGIFT.COM is an online store that supplies stylish and professional gifts for kids and pets, personalized for customers at affordable prices. Buyers can get the most popular gadgets, apparels and gifts in the world from this children gift store.

For further information or enquiries, visit

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Xiamen Area of Pilot Free Trade Zone (Fujian) of China
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USA (Nov 26, 2018) - Alpha Tales 2044: Beta-Earth Chronicles, written by Dr. Wesley Britton, is all set to be released on December 9, 2018 in the Kindle edition. The Beta-Earth Chronicles revolves around three different Earths. One Earth is ruled by an ancient plague that enjoys killing three male babies out of four in their initial year. Another Earth serves as a home to humans that share feelings, thoughts and emotions amongst them. The last one runs 40 years ahead in the future, a planet that is wrecked by global warming and adversely affected by the biological weapons.

Alpha Tales 2044 is a Sci-Fi but is so much more than just a fictional story. The story starts from Beta Earth where there are two mutants, genetically enhanced, that are asked to recuperate some stolen secrets. These secrets are known to heal Plague-With-No-Name. on the other hand, on Alpha Earth, Captain Mary Carpenter invades White Supremacists whose desires are Texas purification after years and years of drastic climate changes and weaponized viruses.

Forty years in the future on Alpha Earth, Captain Mary Carpenter infiltrates White Supremacists who want Texas purification after decades of drastic climate changes and terrorist-created weaponized viruses. Captain Carpenter then joins a family of four aliens, two from Beta-earth, two from Serapin-earth. All four of these parallel earth visitors have the same father, The Blind Alien, who is the only man to travel across the multi-verse and live on all three earths. His children come to Alpha to tell us about other kinds of humanity on their home planets.
However, after the crippling, multiple devastations to Alpha, our descendents don’t want to hear about multiple deities and very different cultures from anything they’ve known. After being imprisoned in a secret city, the alien family escape into a First Nation sanctuary in the former British Columbia. Driven further into the Canadian wilderness, the tribe meet a pair of Sasquatch that change everything.
A cornucopia of surprising stories, Alpha Tales 2044 is science fiction written by Dr. Wesley Britton and published by Alien Vision. The tales include sci-fi, murder mysteries, social commentary and horror. The tales are full of adventure, unexpected twists, and will leave you awestruck!
Sold by Amazon Digital Service LLC, this is the seventh volume of the Beta-Earth chronicles series. The book is currently available to preorder and will be released on 9th December 2018.
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Alpha Tales 2044: Beta-Earth Chronicles
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