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The 14th Annual New Media Film Festival® is happy to announce the most recent acquisitions from submissions to the festival. Content acquisitions have changed dramatically over the past year, so, it is a great opportunity for these titles to now be available for monetization and streaming.

“She is so Perfect.” This 2021 comedy short was directed by Oliver Hero Dressen and follows the life of main character Eva. Eva is a perfect girl with an ideal life; everyone in Shanghai is envious of her. She eats at the finest restaurants with the best dates, sees the best movies, and is always the best dressed. However, there is more to Eva than meets the eye. “She is so Perfect” can be found on Exposure+ TV with a duration of 8 minutes.

Not only is Pirooz Kalayeh the director and writer for the next title, “Sometimes I Dream in Farsi,” but he also stars in the film alongside Hooshmand Kalayeh and Panauh Kalayeh. The documentary was released in 2022 and the story follows Pirooz Kalayeh as he decides to document his journey to recovery, after remembering a traumatic racist incident that occurred during his childhood. He travels back to the barbershop where he was refused a haircut as a child, and expresses vulnerability with family, friends, and children to understand how racism leaves lasting effects and how he and others can heal and move forward. This film was picked up by Popsy on Plex, Nuclear Home Video, Tubi, Amazon Prime Video, and Mometu.

“Tulip,” released in 2023 and directed by Gregory Romein, is a 13 minute comedic drama that explores a cryptocurrency YouTuber that gets caught up in the euphoria of the market before it comes crashing down.

Another 13 minute short in the running for a distribution offer this year is “Lifecell;” released in 2022. Written and directed by Tyler Mann, this short take place in a dystopian future where everyone is battery powered. Characters Jace and Em decide to risk everything in hope of a better future. The short can be streamed on Thrilz TV, Knight TV+, Flixwest, and iBoss.

“In Dreams a Love Letter to Lebanon.” This micro short was released in 2019 and directed by Nick Mery, a Lebanese-American creative director under the alias “Merykid.” The war documentary, only 5 minutes in length, was filmed prior to the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut in 2018. Merykid says that it is the home of his ancestors and the place where his spirit goes to rest during quiet hours. You can watch the short on Nuclear Home Video.

“Camp OrangeRay,” released in 2022, has a total run time of 2 hours. The art-rock-documentary was written and directed by artist and shaman, Wendi Morrison. The film follows the journey of Wendi from her early childhood in Hollywood, and a decade of headlining the Sunset Strip Rock Clubs with her band, “Mercury 5.” Wendi later walks away from the spotlight to follow a path of spirituality, nature, fostering animals, and humans to their highest path. The film can currently be streamed on Tubi and Amazon Prime Video.

The next film, “Something Good Coming,” was released in 2022 and has a duration of 1 hour and 38 minutes. The film was directed by Eddie Virgil V and was written by Ryan Willer. This comedic drama begins with two grocery store workers from different districts meeting. They end up spending time with each other over a weekend, after the store they’re assigned to open in another town shuts down unexpectedly. You can stream the film on Amazon Prime Video.

The comedic drama series titled “Ladies & Gentlemen” is an episodic that follows the character Mike after a divorce from his husband. He takes a rideshare car to the middle of a bridge to end his life. After some thought and friendly words, he is talked down by his driver, Seth. Having nowhere else to go, Mike agrees to stay with Seth and the two embark on a new life adventure. The series was created, written, and directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and was released last year in 2022. The series will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee.

About New Media Film Festival®: is an annual event honoring stories worth telling in the digital age. The festival features a diverse range of content from around the world and provides a platform for established and emerging creators to showcase their work to industry professionals and audiences.

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It’s true what you’ve heard, there’s only one supermodel in the world. From a mysterious whisper Lisa heard a voice tell her, “only supermodel in the world” during 2020’s lockdown and she used it as her branding since. Interesting, as she was the only one in the room. The voice, she said came from five metres away and seemed kind. begun @hallways_are_runways in a four month lockdown in Melbourne almost two years ago, recently she was made aware of the golden ratio of beauty phi, where she discovered her measurements of 1.625, the golden ratio being 1.62 approximately. The golden ratio is a world renowned mathematical and scientific equation which is to say the closer one is to the ratio, the more beauty they possess to the human eye. Furthermore after putting her face photo in the golden ratio app, Lisa Bree Hoggarth discovered her ratio of 97.8% or 9.78%, this exceeds Bella Hadid’s. Bella Hadid previously the most beautiful woman in the world is smashed out of the park now Lisa Bree Hoggarth is on the scene. The 33 year old Australian Supermodel is the most beautiful woman in the world and Bella Hadid is behind her at 94%.

To astonish you even more so, not only is Lisa the only supermodel in the world but she’s the highest ranking golden ratio winner in all of history, surpassing Audrey Hepburn, Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Kendall Jenner. Lisa Bree Hoggarth was also in fact Marilyn Monroe in a past life, Lisa has spoken openly about her remembrance of being Marilyn, such as the visions she’s had, and much more. Lisa posted recently :

Lisa grew up in a middle class family in Melbourne, Australia and has little family left, both her Mum and step mum are on the other side and much like her life when she was Monroe, again she experienced a turbulent childhood. Lisa’s vision is to return to Hollywood, she expects five star treatment and to walk into a successful and lucrative career in the entertainment industry.




The United Kingdom, 28 November: TiN T, the rising star of the music world gas become a point of discussion among music lovers. The uniqueness of his music is remarkable. These tracks have already gathered so much attention that no one cannot deny their ability to make people dance. His Club beats are among the hits and can be heard at many house parties.

TiN T is involved with music and video production. His official location is The United Kingdom. Most of his instrumentals are a mixture of Club, Trap, EDM, House, Dub. He has also published a few remixes with music videos of some popular tracks of known singers. Overall, his fans are growing in number as well as his tracks over the internet.

Get Ready for TiN T's upcoming songs, EP Releasing on 3rd of December
TiN T is all set with his upcoming tracks, EP that is believed to become a massive. It is going to be released on the 3rd of December, 2021. Interesting fact about EP is that producer planned to record live singing birds from his window to make it to add it to EP, but accidentally recorded the shooting of local gangs, so TiN T had decided to use it in a song instead of birds. EP will be out soon and the date is marked by the world already.

Spotify: TiN T
YouTube: TiN T
Beatstars: TiN T
TikTok: @tin_tmusic
Facebook: TiN_Tbeats

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Chicago, IL, 20 Oct 2021: Google My Business management is considered one of the best ways for local businesses to rank at the top of the Google search pages. Bruce Jones SEO has decided to offer this important service to its clients. This reliable one offers structuring of the website as well as SEO content to draw more traffic. This ideal way of digital marketing helps one to grow their business and get popular in their locality even.

Bruce Jones, the renowned SEO expert asserts, " Google My Business is the most important dimension of Internet marketing these days for local businesses”. A business gets introduced to its clients online through their profile present on the internet. And one must choose the right content for it. It helps in building an early impression on the potential clients. The profile should contain every detail and information regarding the business so that the clients get aware of its potentials.

Google My Business Management Works on Improving Local SEO
Local small businesses find it hard to achieve success as their clients are mostly dependent on local search engines. Through performing local SEOGmb management service can make those businesses more visible to their clients and also offer them reach the first page of Google search.

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Bruce Jones SEO Consultant

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Top 5 worst Salons in Pearl River county Mississippi

1. H2K of Picayune MS with 69 reviews and a google ranking of 3.8 stars this is the worst rated salon in Pearl River county.

2. Studio Nails of Picayune comes in at number two for worst salons in Pearl River county Mississippi with a google rating of 3.9 starts and 67 reviews.

3. Mavy comes in third place for worst salons; they have a 3.9 google rating with 13 people reviewing them on google.

4. Icon Luxury Day Spa comes in 4th place with a google rating of 4 stars and 38 reviews.

5. Luminous nail and spa comes in at number five with a google rating of 4 starts and 20 reviews.

Top Five best Salons in Pearl River county Mississippi

WoW Nails takes the prize for best nail salon in Pearl River County with a google rating of 4.8 stars WoW Nailz also has the most reviews in Pearl River county with 110 reviews.

New creation comes in at number two with a 4.8 google rating and 24 reviews.

Coming in at number three is nail expressions with a google rating of 4.5 stars and 87 people leaving a review.

Orchid Nails comes in at number four with a 4.5 google rating and 48 clients leaving them a review.

Coming in at 5th place is Picayune Nail with a 4.2 google rating and 61 reviews.

All data is based on google reviews as of 8-15-2021




California, US, Sep 14, 2021: Halloween is near and it is the time for you to come up with the spooky ideas that can make you Halloween ready. Costumes are common in this case but what about some eerie body jewelry that is cute and trendy and perfect for the occasion. Oufer is already full of spooky jewelry that you can check out. You can go for its Green Coffin belly button ring or Red Moster Teeth nipple bar set of two that has the seductive note 'Bite Me' inscribed in them. The Colorful Skull septum ring can be a great small gift to yourself as well.

Oufer Offers No Harm Jewelry That Can be an Awesome Idea for Your Body

OUFER Body Jewelry is a California based body jewellery trendsetter that represents the natural everyday things of our life. It is winning hearts since 2010. One can find the presence of nature, fruits, animals and households in its jewelry. Each of their pieces is unique and affordable. And the best part is they are made of body-friendly materials like stainless steel, gold, gemstones, silicone, pearls, titanium etc. Choosing Oufer will give you more reason to expose your body as your wealth.

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Hip-hop Reggae Trap sensation Wayne Dreadski, who’s well known in the party circuit for his peppy dubstep, techno, and house music and party and dance music in general, has launched his new website which will provide all his ardent fans with any information regarding his new music, Da Candyman, which will set fire to the dance floor this Fall! The new music is sure to set any party going!

The link to Wayne Dreadski’s new website:
www. Wayne

The link to Wayne Dreadski’s Artist page on Spotify:

The link to Wayne Dreadski’s podcast about “Da Candyman”, to know more about his new music:

Why is Wayne Dreadski’s new music sure to make your party a hit?

Wayne Dreadski is known for his lively music which stretches between the genres of tropical house, acid jazz, dance hall, dance-pop, hip-hop, and techno. You can also thank him for being the pioneer of dub music or dub reggae! Wayne Dreadski is also known for hits such as “Hallucinations”, “Really”, “Tropical House”, “Highroller - Reggaeton Mix” and “Terrestrial Pandemic” and has thus set the bar high for making hit new music which is sure to become popular among partygoers. His earlier albums such as “Quarantine and Isolation”, “Social Separation”, and “Rasta Rockstar” were all released between 2019 and 2020 and were huge hits. Thus the fans just can’t wait for his new music to come out!

Media Contact:
Debbie McMiller 240 Peachtree Street, NE , Atlanta GA, 30303


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May 17, 2021 - Reading is definitely one of those amazing leisure activities that often gets ignored as a result of the rise of the digital age. People are more and more spending times watching videos, movies, and shows rather than contributing valuable time to books. A lot of it can be blamed on that lack of well-written narratives. In order to change this, authors need to reinvent the wheel and craft stories that can appeal to readers in newer ways. And that's exactly what Dorothy Minter continues to do with her writing skills. She is a master storyteller who draws her inspiration from children's books. However, having said that, it will be unfair to limit her books only to children. Even though targeted at elementary students, her books can be appreciated by readers of all age groups. Her book The Adventures of Lucy Lou, Book 1, is a prime example of versatile writing at its finest.

About the author
Dorothy graduated from Douglas High School in Sulphur Springs, Texas, in 1949 as the class valedictorian. Dorothy secured a BS degree from NTSU in 1961 in elementary education, a Master's degree in special education in 1966, and has since gone on to do post-graduate work in School Administration, Vocational Programs, and diagnostics. Her other achievements include writing a grant for the first Early Childhood Program in her district. She also started programs for the deaf, visually handicapped, and emotionally disturbed.

More about The Adventures of Lucy Lou, Book 1
The Adventures of Lucy Lou, Book 1 is a compilation of six short stories that have been written over a period of several years. This book teaches people about the values of compassion and forgiveness. They teach useful lessons that both younger and older readers can use. In the first book, Lucy Lou shows compassion for her mother and bargains with the ghost. The second book depicts how a handicap does not keep one from doing great things. This book is a brainchild of Dorothy Minter’s forty-eight years of work with children who have disabilities. She chronicles everything based on her experience as a special educator for those who are differently-abled.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback versions for 2.99 USD, 29.99 USD, and 10.99 USD, respectively. The link to the book can be found here




USA (June 08, 2021): StockX Sneakers is the one-stop solution for shoe lovers. They are a renowned Fake Shoes Online Supplier all over the world. They are stirring the market with their world-class, high-quality products within a very budgetary range.

Shoes are a basic necessity, but apart from that, everyone dreams of wearing branded shoes. But the high price tags become the primary roadblock for many. StockX Sneaker imitates the top brands by bringing fake products to the mass to make their dream come true.

StockX Sneaker thrives on being the best Shoes Online Supplier by introducing the replica of popular brands like Nike, Jordan, and Yeezy within the middle-class range. This online store has an array of fashionable sneakers in its collection for all to choose from.

Every month they come up with exclusive discounts on 20 different sneakers, which they telecast through Reddit. To shop for the favorite pair, one needs to comment on their most favored product.

StockX Sneaker continuously upgrades its stock to provide all the latest collections so that every enthusiast can find their pair of dream shoes. Their service is also supported by a strong customer care unit and a comprehensive supply chain network to provide maximum benefit.

About StockX Sneaker,
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(8th June 2021) - People all over the world have a craze for shoes, especially of high-end brands that sell limited edition shoes. Considering the price range of these brands, buying these shoes is not possible for everyone. People can now buy replica sneakers from one of the leading manufacturers of imitation shoes.

This company is an agent of the PK god batch which has been selling replicas for the last 13 years. The first PK god factory was established in 2008 with the aim of producing high-quality replica sneakers, after expanding in China it now delivers replica shoes to major countries of the world including the USA, Canada, and European nations via their agents like PK God shoes.

PK factory manufactures accurate high-quality replicas which are durable and feel like original ones. The shoes and sneakers are made from superior quality materials. They are not in the business of delivering low quality, cheap replicas instead they offer replica sneakers that reflect their original counterparts in all ways

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