Dogs are known as ‘man’s best friend’ for a reason. They are marvelous creatures who have stood by the humans for a long time. Loyalty, care, and emotional support are the pros of keeping a dog. Keeping a dog helps people in managing distressing situations. Dogs are thought to be the best companions for humans. Many mental health professionals recommend keeping dogs as emotional support for people who have issues related to mental health.

At, we know that individuals who require emotional support animals need a companion with a calm and collected personality. That's why we offer ESA certification for medium-sized dogs with a calm demeanor that makes them perfect for emotional support. Our team can help you choose the perfect breed for your needs, and with our certification, you can have your furry companion with you wherever you go. Our certification process is easy and efficient, and our team is available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Trust us to make the process of obtaining an ESA certification easy and enjoyable.

Now going back to our main topic; keeping a medium-sized dog for emotional support as a pet is not too complicated. Medium-sized dogs usually have calm personalities and are easily tamed. Moreover, there are many stores and companies that provide the essentials of keeping a dog. Such dogs are playful, fiercely loyal, and well trained to take care of their owner. Following are a few benefits and suggestions if you consider adopting a dog of medium size for emotional support.

  • Several animals, especially dogs like Golden retrievers, are informally trained as ESAs. Dogs not only provide security but also work as emotional support agents. If you require an ESA, you can apply for a letter. Obtaining an ESA Letter is not as difficult as it seems. The letter is provided by licensed mental health professionals to whom they deem eligible to have an ESA. Research also proves that these dogs are effective in providing the emotional support needed by their owners. More importantly, those people who are suffering from autism or schizophrenia benefit greatly from these animals.
  • All the essentials you need to keep a dog are available in the market. But you can also make some at home, given the availability of the related content online. A DIY dog house is something that can be built on your own. You will not require a special technician or carpenter to make a house for your dog. It is something that can be done on your own with the greatest ease. 
  • The size of the dog also has a significant role in their effectiveness as companions. Small and big sized dogs are generally found to be aggressive in nature. Medium-sized dogs like Labrador or golden retrievers share the friendliest relationship with human beings. These dogs of medium size possess a calm personality, which makes them the prime emotional support animals. Pug, Corgi, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are the dog breeds with optimal size and calmest of the personalities. Due to these qualities, these dogs make a great emotional support animal.
  •  Yorkshire Terrier is a fiercely loyal breed that will never leave you whatever happens. They will always stand by your side, and will never let you feel alone and even risk their own lives for you. The nature of a terrier with a calm personality makes it the perfect breed. This particular breed is so lovable that it becomes a part of the family. Such caring and calming personalities of the Yorkshire Terrier also make them great companions. 


Emotional distress, loneliness, and medical complications can lead anyone to depression or serious health risks. Medium-sized dogs with calm personalities are the best choice in this regard. Human beings have to adapt to the changing lifestyles and it is not advisable to lag behind due to a lack of emotional support. Take care of your loved ones and get them good emotional support animals with calm personalities. 

 If you still think you do not require an ESA letter then here are some US state specific bebefits to entice you more:

  • Colorado: Individuals with an ESA letter have the right to bring their emotional support dogs on public transportation without being charged an additional fee.
  • Massachusetts: People with an ESA letter can have their emotional support dog live with them in no-pet housing and not be charged extra fees or deposits.
  • Virginia: Individuals with an ESA letter can have their emotional support dog accompany them in the cabin of an airplane without having to pay additional fees.

If you have a dog, who is also an ESA and are looking for help to maintain your dog's claws in perfect condition, you are in the right place. We know your concerns so we have collected some tips for you. 

First of all, if you’re someone experiencing mental health issues, then you should definitely adopt a pet to offer you emotional support. It is important for a person with mental health issues to have an ESA letter to keep emotional support animals. Once you have an ESA, you will have to perform some duties. Like you probably would like to learn some simple procedures to trim its nails safely at home. 

Trimming your ESA dog's nails can be a daunting task, especially if you've never done it before. But with RealESAletter's easy procedure to trim your ESA dog's nails at home, you can confidently take on this essential grooming task. Our guide provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to make the process as stress-free as possible for both you and your emotional support animal. And as an emotional support animal letter certification provider, realesaletter is dedicated to helping you keep your ESA dog healthy and happy.

Why should you trim down your dog’s nails?

You know that not cutting a dog's nails might lead to defective walking postures, hurting its claws on hard surfaces. The nails might also go under the dog's skin causing painful infections. 

How often should you trim your dog nails?

Normally an adult dog’s nails do not reach the end of its paw. But, as soon as you find that the nails of your dogs have reached the paw. You should trim them real quick. Because the longer the nails grow, the harder it would be to cut them.

Right tools

Yes! You should never try to trim your dog’s nails with some nail cutter at home. In fact, you should keep dog nail clippers to do the task. Before getting the clipper always check the size of your dog's nails and the clippers.

 Also, a dog with messy nails or lots of furs is also difficult to handle, just trim the mess first. It also takes time to exactly locate how much of the nail should you cut off.  We would recommend you to use a nail grinder to file them instead. Because it is a safer path and your pet won’t suffer from injuries.

How far should we cut them?

Remember inside the nails lies the living tissue. If you mistakenly cut it, it will cause unbearable pain to your dog. To avoid this, carefully observe the nails to distinguish between the living part and the nonliving part. It will have a slight pink coloration near the living issues, so do not trim the nails further.

Also, you should trim them in a straight line exactly like their natural shape. If you cannot identify the living part in your dog's nails and they are black you should always consult a dog nail trimming service.

Familiarize your dogs with the tools

Yes! Dogs are instant responders and they are experiencing something unfamiliar they might not feel very comfortable. To familiarize your dog with the positive stimuli, let them smell the clippers for a few days before the trimming job. Create a relaxed environment and often touch them in their claws and nails if you haven't done that before. Get the dog familiar with a second person too to hold it while doing the actual job.

Trim the nails in a quick and safe motion

Your dog might get nervous if you take too long to trim its nails. But do not be hasty; it might hurt the living tissues. Always consider the safety precautions if you are someone who truly loves your dog and does not want to see it in pain.

It is important to familiarize your dog with the process. If you have a dog of small or medium size, then it is a plus for you because these dogs make the best apartment dogs, in case you are short on space. Such dogs will always take some time to adapt to the routine because they are energetic. So be patient and remain positive.

Finally, we suggest you always go through proper reading or blogs before trimming your pet’s nails. We hope these tips will be useful!  

By the way of you are interested in knowing the ESA Letter then some of them are listed below specific to US States

  • Colorado: ESA letter holders can train their dogs to get accustomed to nail clipping at home, reducing their reliance on professional groomers and saving money in the long run.
  • Oregon: With an ESA letter, individuals can ensure that their emotional support dogs receive regular grooming care, including nail clipping, from the comfort and safety of their own home.
  • Georgia: With an ESA letter, individuals can get the support and comfort they need from their emotional support animals while training them to get their nails clipped, helping to reduce anxiety and stress during the grooming process.

If being loyal, taking care of someone, and protecting someone is art, then there are no better artists in the world than dogs. Humans cannot get a better pet than dogs to be their companions. Imagine you are all stressed out and need someone to spend time with, you call your family, everyone’s busy, you call your friends and everyone’s busy. In such moments if you have a dog and you take it out for a walk, you would definitely feel better. 

At realesaletter, we understand that emotional support animals can bring an immense amount of comfort and affection to their owners. That's why we're dedicated to providing individuals with the necessary certification to make their furry companions official emotional support animals. If you're looking for a dog breed that is highly affectionate and perfect as an ESA, look no further. Our team can help you choose the perfect breed for your individual needs and lifestyle. With our certification, you can enjoy the company of your beloved furry friend wherever you go, knowing that they are an important part of your emotional support system.

Many mental health professionals suggest adopting a dog for patients who are mentally depressed. An ESA letter is given to individuals who are suffering from mental health issues, especially those who have post-traumatic stress disorder. This letter is necessary paperwork for getting pets to sustain mental depression.

ESA Letter benefits in different US States

  • Pennsylvania: Individuals with an ESA letter can have their emotional support dog with them on flights and in housing, even if there are no pet-friendly policies.
  • Arizona: Those with ESA letters can bring their emotional support dogs into any public place where pets are not normally allowed.
  • Oregon: Individuals with an ESA letter in Oregon have protection under state laws that allow them to live in housing without being discriminated against based on their need for an emotional support animal.

Dog breeds are of various types; some are tiny and adorable, some belong to hunting breeds, and they are thin and strong and some are huge. Loyalty is in their blood, and the protection of their owner is their duty. For most of those who own them, dogs are just like a part of their family. Many owners who require emotional support, take good care of their dogs.

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Some of the dog breeds recommended for ESA are as follow:

Labrador Retriever 

One of the most gentle dog breeds is the Labrador retriever, which makes them ideal to have as an ESA. Another extremely interesting fact about them is that they can be trained easily because they are food lovers. Since they are food lovers, they love to consume large quantities of food. So, to limit the quantity of food they intake, you can use a snuffle mat for dogs. They are the perfect dog breed if you need an emotional support animal because they are all-rounders.

Yorkshire Terrier

These tiny little things are very adorable. Among the lapdog breeds, they are the sweetest. Just because of their size, they don’t need much space or too much exercise; this makes them the ideal choice for people who want to spend most of their time at home.


Beagle, another adorable breed; they are very dopey and cute. What makes them ideal as an ESA is their loveable nature. They are both calm and cuddly, plus they are full of energy. 


They represent a loyal, stable, and obedient breed. They are short in size but certainly not in their personalities. They are very even-tempered, making them the ideal ESA.


Just a look at their face puts a smile on the face. Pugs are the favorite among the most affectionate dog breeds in States like the US and UK. The ability to tune the emotions of their parents make them favorite as an ESA. They are so intelligent that they can observe your mood if you are a little bit depressed or anxious then bang!!!  They will start to show their cheeky behavior.


Pomeranians are simply balls of fluff; they have the ability to adapt to a new environment. Their nature of being close to their owners all the time makes them a great choice as an ESA. Pomeranians perfectly perform the role of best friends.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are the most adorable dog breed. They are extremely intelligent and human friendly. These dogs require a huge amount of exercise to stay healthy. They are ideal as an ESA if you provide them with the required exercises and stimulation.


Poodles are very smart and make a close bond with their owners. Because of their intelligence, they are very easy to train. It is comfortable for people to own a pet that can be trained easily, so poodles make a great choice.

The aforementioned list of dogs is the one that can support people in tackling mental illness. They are highly recommended for patients with anxiety and depression because they understand human emotion.