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PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome is the disease that is familiar to many women in the USA. It occurs because of the multiple non-malignant cysts that occur on a woman’s ovaries. Though it does not threaten a woman’s life, it performs a very negative influence on it. If not treated, the polycystic ovarian syndrome leads to the inability to fertilize. Also it is one of the main reasons for painful menstruations, weight gain and the excessive hair growth on a woman’s body.

The reasons of the PCOS appearance lie in a hormonal imbalance. A female hormonal sphere is a very delicate case. Hormones run many processes in a female body and their dysfunction may cause different diseases all over the body. That is why PCOS needs to be treated even if you do not want to have children. The development of the disease also strictly depends on your way of life. Weight gain brings more misbalance into the work of hormones and makes other complications as well. These are mutually dependent factors and it is necessary to break this circle.

Many women try to explore ways of PCOS self-treatment. Well, no treatment should be performed without the doctor’s prescription, necessary exams and consideration of your individual health issues. But there are some things you can do to help yourself. It is a weight loss and the optimization of your lifestyle. The work of hormones depends on the well-balanced work of the entire body. This includes healthy diet, enough sleep and physical activity. All these items contribute to the right concentration of hormones and all the systems functioning properly. A significant weight loss always brings a stable relief to a patient's hormonal background.

Still, if you have PCOS, a professional hormonal treatment is necessary. A lifestyle correction by itself will not treat the disease. An excellent PCOS treatment and many other services are available in Forest Hills Medical Services. Here you will surely get the best service in New York.

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Dysmenorrhea is the dysfunction of the menstrual period characterized by the severe pain during menstruations. The pain can be acute or dull, localizing in the lower part of the stomach. Dysmenorrhea is very common for the girls in their teenage period. The pain can be so strong that a girl is not able to attend school, participate in sports, hobbies and be fully active in her social life.

Usually this problem does not occur because of some pathologies of the girl’s inner organs. A pain simply appears every time. It can have the similar intenseness each month, or get worse and worse each year. A little pain and discomfort during the menstruations is quite normal, but if your daughter suffers and lies on the couch not able to attend lessons, it is not a normal condition. You need to take her to the gynecologist and help your little princess go through it.

Such condition requires diagnostics to determine whether the problem is not connected with some organ pathologies, inflammatory processes or tumors. Very often, certain psychotic or nervous issues promote an increased sensitivity to pain in girls. If some of these provoking factors will show themselves during the exam, the treatment of the main disease will help get rid from the pain. If not, the main focus of the treatment will be on the pain syndrome and nervous background.

Teenage years is not an easy time for a child. Especially when it concerns girls, whose self-esteem is very fragile in this period. They question their place in the cruel teenage world, they learn how to be women and they worry about every single nonsense that later they will be laughing at. Relationship in a family is also important. Embrace your little woman, talk to her and respect her. Do your best to make her life a bit easier in this difficult time period.

A big help will be also to relieve her physical pain. With this, Manhattan Women’s Health and Wellness can cope. Two centers (in Midtown and Upper East Side) are ready to treat your daughter’s dysmenorrhea and to provide her with one more caring friend – her gynecologist.

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A freelance accountant has recently become a popular specialist for individual entrepreneurs, small businesses or newly formed companies that require rapid provision of accounting services.

A company that uses the services of a civilian accountant saves a lot, and the freelancer feels free, because he has enough time to find other clients or new classes.

Features of accounting freelancing

Many firms do not have full-time accountants at all, instead rely on outsourcing these functions or attracting freelancers. As a rule, they work without registration in the staff of part-time workers, accountants who are retired, as well as experienced professionals who have a free schedule and the ability to run several firms more than a daily 8-hour presence in the office.

There is a misconception that freelancers have low qualifications. However, in view of the inevitable universality and the need to lead several or even all plots solely, part-timers are able to provide a very wide range of accounting, legal, consulting, information and other services. Such accountants will not only calculate taxes. They will also make contracts, tax preparation, accounting software setup and a new enterprise registration.

The average freelance accountant offers a standard set of services:

  • Formulation of accounting

  • Restoration and accounting

  • Preparation of accounting and tax reporting

  • Timely submission of accounts to the Tax Authorities and Funds (FIU, FSS, ecology)

  • Reconciliation of mutual settlements, certificates from the Tax inspectorate

  • Reconciliation of mutual settlements with off-budget funds

  • Filing missing accounts for past years

  • Accounting and tax audit

  • Maintenance of personnel records management, payroll; drafting employment contracts, forming and monitoring the staffing table

The customer, focusing on his needs and budget, hires a freelancer for a strictly defined range of tasks. By the scope of work and the form of cooperation, there are two main types of freelance accounting:

The first - organize the customers document circulation, subsequently fixing these functions to the technical staff or the director. Employers send a copy of the database or upload data for a certain period. By e-mail, they exchange primary documents. For themselves, freelancers leave accounting and reporting.

The second - draw up all the primary documentation, provide information on the amounts and terms of payment of taxes, prepare reports, coordinate and submit to the regulatory authorities all reporting.

If you need a professional accountant that can help you with taxes, payroll and any cash operations management you may need, Miller & Company is the best option in New York. Trust your finance only to the best specialists to save and multiply it.

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Traditional Indian weddings are very different from the Western way of celebrating. Though living in the USA, Indian people try to preserve their traditions as much as possible. If you are from New Jersey and were lucky to receive an invitation to attend such an event, here are some facts to inform you of what to expect.

  • The traditions and rituals accompanying the Indian wedding date back to the Vedas, to the glorious times of the Aryan culture domination. In Indian society, a wedding is not only the union of two people but also two souls. The marriage ties the families of the bride and groom in unbreakable bonds and from that moment, happiness and misfortune, sorrows and joys, respect and honor affect each of the members who are part of the large family. Indians are devoted to faith and ancient traditions, strictly keeping and honoring them for thousands of years.

  • Be prepared for the fact that there will be more than 200 guests at the wedding. This is a very important event for both families. Both the bride and groom try to invite all their relatives and friends for this holiday. Many people have not seen each other for years, but such an important event renews family ties and makes them stronger.

  • You’ll see lavish decorations. Indian weddings always have gorgeous decorations strewn everywhere. As a rule, these are incredible floral compositions, flowers of all colors of the rainbow, garlands and huge bouquets, petals scattered everywhere.

  • There will be a hand-decorating party. One of the events hosted is a mehndi party. Mehndi is put on the bride and other females attending the wedding. In the Indian culture, it is said that the deeper the color, the stronger the love the groom has for the bride.

Think about what to wear for each event.

As a rule, Indian Wedding is a 3-day celebration.Even though you might not typically wear the same thing three days in a row, you’ll still need new clothes for each different event on each different day, and you’ll need different accessories to match every outfit for that event.

The wedding ceremony is almost 2 hours long.

The ceremony is absolutely beautiful, but sometimes it's difficult to sit through because you might not know what the Indian priest is saying. After 30 minutes, same guests can get up and walk around.  It's quite rude. That's why you can hear the announcement made for all the guests to use the restroom before to the ceremony beginning.

Someone will steal the groom’s shoes.

On the day of the wedding, everything gets serious. Traditionally, the groom’s family tries to protect the groom’s shoes, while the bride’s side of the family tries to steal them.

  • Absolutely luxurious photo and video. Imagine a beautiful traditional wedding dress of the bride, elegant guests, flowers, and fabrics! Believe us, it is a great sight to view and be a part of.

  • Everyone can dance!

Indian weddings tend to have the best parties once the dance floor opens! A mix of old school and new Indian and American music is played.  If you are attending a wedding where traditional Indian dances will be presented - consider yourself incredibly lucky!

And if you are a happy Indian family that is getting prepared for such a great event, there is a studio that knows how to capture that astounding beauty and brightness in all its glory. It’s New Jersey Videography. We deeply respect and adore your traditions and know how to make others feel the same.

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Just think about the fact, that 50 years ago, none of the young girls or women couldn't even think about the fact that they can change their body. Especially change it THERE! Today, we have huge opportunities for aesthetic surgery, but most importantly we have the right of choice.

So, if you’re feeling particularly self-conscious about the shape of your vagina, you might consider joining the thousands of women who have had a vaginoplasty — otherwise known as vagina tightening surgery.

This is a very common procedure, for women who decide to take action after noticing the effects that childbirth and aging have had on their genitals. Also, it's often used for young women, who have congenital abnormalities of the appearance of the vagina and external sexual characteristics.

Vaginal rejuvenation is considered both an aesthetic and functional procedure that involves the tightening of the inner and outer muscles and structures of the vagina. Enhancing vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. Some women may wish to have a procedure to correct the shape of her labia while others may wish to have their vagina tightened. These procedures are separate but may be performed together or individually, depending on the woman’s choice.

Usually the options for this procedure are:

  • Reversing vaginal prolapse

  • Correcting congenital defects in the genital region

  • Removing growths

  • Vagina construction in male to female transsexuals

What A Woman Will Have After the Vaginoplasty

Probably the most common reason for women finding themselves signing up for this procedure is that they’ve lost self confidence. Vaginoplasty is likely to reinvigorate you and make you feel great about yourself ‘down there’ again!

Plus, besides feeling better about yourself, your vagina will look better too. This will be especially beneficial to women who are self-conscious about how they look naked. A major pro for vaginoplasty procedures is that they are a long-term solution and you won’t need to have a top-up in many years. While the tightness will relax a little as the years go by, you will still stay tight regardless of how much sex you’re having — the one thing that will negatively affect the results of the procedure is having a natural childbirth. Some surgeons and patients have said that they found their procedure to increase their vaginal sensitivity during sex leading to better orgasms and generally a better experience. Of course, this cannot be guaranteed — good sex comes from a combination of factors, many of which are emotional and psychological rather than physical — but it’s a good thing regardless!

In Professional Gynecological Services in Brooklyn, this procedure is available and performed with the best quality possible. Only the best professional care and an attitude every woman deserves – this is what you will have here.

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There are a number of high impact glasses, which are applied in production of windows and glass doors. The best options are:

  1. Laminated glass glued together with a special polymer film. This process increases the strength of the glass and does not allow it to crack into large pieces when damaged.

  2. Tempered glass. In the manufacturing process, the glass is heated to a temperature of more than 540 degrees, and then very slowly cooled with cold air. A similar procedure is performed several times, after each, the strength increases significantly.

You can cover shockproof glass with oxide of silver for the mirror effect. Need a graphic or logo? You can choose among laser and diamond engraver, stained glass technique, film technique, application of paints, print. There even exists tinting of the glass during its production. Colors are added to the glass mixture at the stage of melting.

Glass storefront doors can have several technological solutions:

  1. Pendulum doors — the door swings open in both directions, fixed on the floor and ceiling, threshold is absent. They have a folding construction.

  2. Swing doors — plowing in one direction, the threshold is absent, attached on special loops. They can be single or double.

  3. Telescopic doors - guide tracks are mounted in the floor and ceiling according to the number of wings. Folds moving on rollers and open as parallel to each other.

  4. Sliding doors — rails are mounted on top and bottom. Door folds are rolled in both directions. Design can be single or double.

  5. Harmonica — glass slats fold like an accordion, moving with the help of a roller mechanism along the guide rails.

  6. The other type of sliding doors is when one or two folds silently go off to the side with the help of roller mechanism. There are options for automating the process of opening and closing doors.

For the entrance ways more actual are the pendulum design, hinged or sliding construction. A storefront with glass doors, located within the commercial areas often consist of a sliding or telescopic constructions.

Whatever type you may choose, no matter what glass doors you need – Sky Windows And Doors will provide you with the great quality of work, pleasant pricing and you may be sure that you will receive the best service.

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I'm sure that you understand - having your own teeth at an old age is wonderful.

But, unfortunately, there are situations in which the tooth extraction procedure is the only way out.

This can happen due to:

  • Tooth decay (too much damage to the tooth to be repaired).

  • Extremely loose tooth.

  • Overcrowding of teeth in the mouth. Maybe needed to create room for other teeth (such as when you're getting braces).

  • Tooth not able to erupt through the gum.

  • Baby teeth not falling out in time, to make way for the growth of permanent teeth.

  • Pulling teeth in radiation or chemotherapy patients. If radiation or chemotherapy to the head and neck causes teeth to become infected, pulling teeth may be necessary.

  • Impacted 3rd molars (Wisdom Teeth) which cause gum pain and swelling.

It is advisable to consult with your dentist if you face any of the above problems.

When you undergo a tooth extraction procedure, your dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic. You may also receive an anti-anxiety medication or an intravenous sedative. If the dental extraction involves an impacted tooth, the tooth may be broken into pieces before it is removed.

Tooth Extraction Procedure can be performed in two ways: simple and surgical.

Simple: A simple tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth that is visible in the mouth. This could mean removing a badly damaged or decayed tooth or removing teeth prior to getting braces. General dentists can do simple tooth extractions. When you undergo simple tooth extraction, you will receive local anesthesia. In addition, some dental professionals administer anti-anxiety medication or use conscious sedation for simple cases of pulling teeth. In most cases, over-the-counter pain medication is sufficient for pain management after these procedures.

Surgical: Surgical tooth extraction is an operation by an oral surgeon involving removal of teeth that are not visible in the mouth, because they have not come in or because the tooth has broken off. Individuals with special medical conditions may receive general anesthesia when pulling teeth involving surgery. You may also receive prescription pain medication for use immediately after surgical teeth-pulling procedures.

Remember, that the success of the procedure depends on the experience and practice of the dentist. Your doctor must be a real expert and prof. For example, you can go to Manhattan Periodontics&Implant Dentistry clinic in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, NYC. One of the best specialists works there. They can offer such procedures as crown lengthening, gum graft and laser gum treatment.

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A decision to make an abortion is always a difficult one. Many feelings of struggle emerge inside a woman, and many questions arise in her head. Among them, one that seems to be not of primary importance, but it’s more important that it may seem. It is the choice of which abortion clinic to turn to if that’s the route one wishes to take.

The choice of the right abortion clinic is a question of life and death. That may sound dramatic, but it is a fact. Many women have suffered from the low-skilled doctors that performed the procedure of the abortion. The consequences can be very different from person to person. From scars that may disable you to get pregnant in the future, to even death because of poor instrumental sterilization or not enough knowledge of the doctor. That is why abortion is not a thing to save money on. You may not only pay more in future, to deal with the possible complications, but literally lose your life.

There are plenty of clinics in New York; they have various prices and services. Which is the best to choose for such a delicate procedure? All of them promise much, but are they really as good as they say? The best decision will be to choose Brooklyn Abortion Clinic. Why? Because the quality of service is always excellent there. The level of service is super-high and much attention is paid to hygiene, physical and psychological aspects. What does psychological hygiene mean? It means that the respect for a woman is the main value there. Respect to any of her decisions, fears and the right to have service of the best quality.

Besides abortions, Brooklyn Abortion Clinic provides various services for women’s health. No matter if you need a regular gynecological exam, have some disease to treat surgically, with minimum or more serious invasion, or may want some cosmetic correction in your intimate organs – you can receive it all here. Everything a woman may need in different situations is available here with the best quality, attitude and respect.


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Cars are necessary for every person in our modern world. Almost everybody, who  just received a driver's license has a vehicle. Yes, it could be just an old used pickup. Or it could be a presentable car, such as Lexus, Porsche, or Bentley. Today, different leasing companies offer cars for leasing. What is this and is this option for you?

So, ? car lease is an arrangement in which you pay your leasing company for the right to drive your leased car. You sign an agreement with a leasing company that lets you drive, for example, a brand new vehicle for an agreed period of time, for an agreed number of miles, for a fixed fee.

It consists of a non-refundable upfront payment, followed by regular monthly payments for the length of the contract. But, you never own the car, you just hand it back at the end of the contract period.

If you really dream about a car and you really need it, but now you can't afford such a purchase, you can use the service of leasing. But to make such a decision, you must be sure. To do this, read the main advantages and disadvantages of leasing.

Leasing Advantages

  • It is an opportunity for people to drive more expensive vehicles for a smaller monthly payment and less money down. For example, you can drive a new Lexus NX 300T or Lexus GS F just after signing a lease contract.

  • Leasing allows customers to drive a new vehicle every couple of years, depending on the length of the lease program.

  • Finally, unlike owning a vehicle outright at the end of a standard automotive loan, leasing helps customers avoid the hassles often associated with selling their used car to an independent third-party or trading in their vehicle to a local dealer. Instead, you simply turn in your vehicle at the end of the lease term and begin a new lease on a new vehicle, if that's the route you choose to take. It's a simple method some customers find more attractive than the traditional used car sales or trade-in process.

Leasing Disadvantages

  • Most vehicle leasing programs have a yearly mileage limit. This means that you can drive your vehicle only a certain amount of miles every year without paying a penalty at the end of the lease term. Obviously, these mileage limitations wouldn't work for someone who drives their car at long distances on a frequent basis or someone who simply can't embrace being limited to the amount of miles they drive in any given month during any given year.

  • Another disadvantage to leasing is that at the end of the lease term, you don't own the vehicle. For some people, this is OK. For others, it doesn't make sense to make monthly payments for three, four or five years on a car they'll never own.

  • Finally, the vehicle leasing process is, in essence, difficult. Lease contracts are often confusing, arduous and lengthy. Additionally, the lease terms set forth in the contract, even if your driving habits, preferences and needs will change, binds you.  

If leasing a car is the best option for you, there is a place in Brooklyn where all the disadvantages are reduced to minimum. New York’s Auto Leasing always has a number of special offers, the process of documental routine is optimized not to steal too much time from you and the choice is always great.

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The results of the numerous scientific research have proved the usefulness of fluoride for the human dental health. The fluoride therapy is the effective method of caries prevention but only in case if the concentration of the substance in mouth is constant and has a measurable amount. The two ways of using fluoride for the caries prevention were marked as proven and helpful. The first is the constant action of the low concentrations of the fluoride. The second is regular professional applications of the high concentrations of fluoride for people who have higher risks on having caries.

This type of treatment performs a complex action over the teeth. The substance in our saliva boost the process of remineralization of the enamel on the beginning stage of the caries. In addition, fluoride interferes with the reaction of glycolysis. In this process, the caries agents produce the acid that damages our enamel. The high concentrations of the substance perform the bactericide action. The penetration of fluorides in the period of active teeth formation makes the enamel more endurable to the aggressive influence of acids.

The complex action of the fluoride allows different treatment strategies to be applied with the consideration of individual needs and life conditions of the patients. The systemic fluoridation for the caries prevention is performed through the enriching of the water and food with fluoride and the fluoride medication treatment.

The local treatment based on fluoride action can be subdivided into domestic and professional application. The domestic means of fluoride treatment include toothpastes, gels and rinses that are appointed by dentist for the domestic use. The topical fluoride applications are applied in the dentist’s cabinet. It is a very useful and successful way to prevent tooth decay in children and help their enamel stand against the aggressive acid action. This service and many others for you children are available in Kids Dentistry Service in Brooklyn.