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On the Pointless of Pointy Shoes (Health) 6/18 6:11A Alan Burdick
Archaeological advice on post-pandemic footwear. Plus: brittle stars in a “weirdo box,” a possible Viking ransom and more in the Friday edition of the Science Times newsletter.

The Maldives Lured Tourists Back. Now It Needs Nurses. (Health) 6/17 6:19P Maahil Mohamed and Mike Ives
The island nation kept Covid cases low, and its resorts open, for much of the pandemic. But a recent surge exposed its overreliance on expatriate health workers.

Obamacare Survives Latest Supreme Court Challenge (Health) 6/17 6:19A Adam Liptak
The court sidestepped the larger issue in the case, whether the 2010 health care law can stand without a provision that required most Americans to obtain insurance or pay a penalty.

Covid Proved the C.D.C. Is Broken. Can It Be Fixed? (Health) 6/16 10:47A Jeneen Interlandi and Brian Rea
The pandemic revealed the glaring weaknesses of the world’s premier public health agency — and just how much work it would take to reform it.
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