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FDA Panel Recommends RSV Shot to Protect Infants (Health) 6/8 10:11A Christina Jewett
Advisers to the agency overwhelmingly agreed that a new treatment would help to prevent a potentially lethal respiratory illness in very young children.

When Politics Saves Lives: a Good-News Story (Health) 6/7 7:50A Amanda Taub
The decision to fund medications to treat H.I.V.-AIDS patients in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean flew in the face of expert advice. But the U.S. did it anyway.

Is It Safe to Go for a Run in Wildfire Smoke? (Health) 6/7 4:32A Claire Moses
Wednesday is Global Running Day, but experts advise against outdoor exercise in areas affected by smoke from the wildfires in Canada.

How to Be Friends With Your Sibling (Health) 6/4 11:00P Catherine Pearson
Whether you’ve always been close, or wish you got along better, here’s how to bolster your connection.
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