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It’s Boom Times for Obamacare. Will They Last? (Health) 1/25 6:23A Noah Weiland
A record 21 million people signed up for marketplace plans for 2024, drawn in part by more generous federal subsidies. But the expanded subsidies are set to expire after next year.

Europe Faces a Measles Outbreak (Health) 1/24 7:46A Apoorva Mandavilli
When vaccinations begin to lag, as they did during the pandemic, measles is often the first disease to resurge. “It’s the canary in the coal mine,” one expert said.

FDA Issues Warning of Cancer Risk Tied to CAR-T Therapies (Health) 1/23 9:23A Christina Jewett
The agency has reviewed reports of cancer patients whose treatments resulted in the development of secondary blood cancers. Several companies will be required to carry the new warning.
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