Mayor Eric L. Adams, New York City (Retail & Apparel) 8/5 9:25A
A live on-stage interview to find out how the mayor ranks his first year in office and top priorities for the year ahead, how businesses can partner with the city to tackle big challenges, and what big ideas and innovations will drive the city’s...

Keechant L. Sewell, Police Commissioner, New York City Police Department (Retail & Apparel) 8/5 9:22A
A conversation on how the NYPD is tackling a post-Covid crime wave, what officers are seeing on beefed up patrols on the subway, and how the agency is working to enable a safe return to the office, a top concern for business leaders. Thursday,...

Andrew Kimball, President & CEO, New York City Economic Development Corporation (Retail & Apparel) 8/5 9:18A
A discussion on how the agency plans to drive the next round of corporate investment in New York, which industries it is prioritizing, where the city economy is heading, and how the EDC envisions the future for public-private partnerships...

The New Era of Celebrity Merch (The Cut) 8/4 9:41A Brooke LaMantia
When Allie Arciprete joined me on Zoom from her New York City apartment, she quickly confessed she’s been wearing the same shirt for almost a month. The black-and-white Harley Davidson tank was from the More
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