Watch It Again: “City of Yes” with George Janes

Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts 1/23 2:58A Nuha Ansari
Watch a recording of our online talk "City of Yes Explained" by urban planner and zoning expert George Janes held on January 18. The event was co-sponsored by FRIENDS of the Upper East Side Historic Districts and Landmark West! Under Mayor Adam’s...

Teens Can Apply Now for Summer Internships in NYC

Mommy Poppins 1/21 12:31A Alina Adams
Summer internships can make your average, high-achieving, New York City kid really stand out from the rest of the equally high-achieving pack when it comes time to apply to colleges. In an era when...

How to Make New York City More Car-Friendly (Humor) 1/16 11:00P Charlie Dektar
Turn museums into parking lots. Take the paintings and use them to label sections of the lots so it’s easier to remember where you left your car.

JetBlue-Spirit deal blocked by judge on antitrust grounds (Media & Entertainment) 1/16 8:01A Madlin Mekelburg, Bloomberg
JetBlue Airways can’t complete its $3.8 billion acquisition of Spirit Airlines after a federal judge in Boston found that the deal would stifle competition and raise fares for consumers. U.S. District Judge William G. Young sided with the federal...
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