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New York’s Restaurant Owners Finally Get Some Good News (Grub Street) 9/24 7:31A Rachel Sugar
With the deadline just days away, City Council has officially extended a measure that’s been allowing restaurant and bar owners to keep the doors open during the pandemic. New York City’s local law 1932-A tempo... More

The COVID Recovery Surcharge Is a Farce (Grub Street) 9/23 5:25A Chris Crowley
Last week, the New York City Council announced that it had passed a new bill allowing restaurants to add a COVID surcharge of 10 percent. The law will stay in place until 90 days after indoor dining is brought back to full capacity, but like so...

How New York’s Restaurants Are Preparing for the Return of Indoor Dining (Grub Street) 9/22 7:05A Rachel Sugar
In the final weeks of August, mayor Bill de Blasio remarked at a press conference that he was confident New York City’s restaurants would be able to welcome guests back “at some point” in 2021. The future of 2020, though, remained an open...

Alguashte (Salvadoran Pumpkin Seed Seasoning)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 9/18 2:59A Karla T. Vasquez
Salvadoran alguashte is a versatile two-ingredient condiment made from pumpkin seeds and salt. It adds a deeply earthy, nutty to everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to savory dishes. Get...
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