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Basque-Style Grilled Whole Turbot

Serious Eats (Recipes) 9/18 2:58A Sasha Marx
This grilled whole fish epitomizes the restraint and technique of Basque charcoal-grilling. Get Recipe!

The Dim Sum Chef Who Plays With His Dough (Dining & Wine) 9/17 5:00A Molly Young
Upholding an ancient Chinese craft, the New York City chef Joe Ng shapes miniature scenes of human life out of little more than flour and water.

Perfectly Tender Sous Vide Octopus

Serious Eats (Recipes) 9/17 2:58A Daniel Gritzer
Sous vide octopus is easy and yields some of the best results our of all the methods we've tried. This recipe uses our preferred combination of temperature and time. Get Recipe!

Perfectly Cooked Boiled Octopus

Serious Eats (Recipes) 9/17 2:57A Daniel Gritzer
There's no need to feel anxious about cooking octopus. It's easy, and getting tender results requires nothing more than time. This recipe for boiled octopus on the stovetop is all you need, and from...

20 Standout Fast-Casual Restaurants of Midtown Manhattan

Eater NY 9/16 8:41A Jasmine Ting
Chirp [Official Photo] There’s no Chipotle or Just Salad on this list New York City is covered in restaurants, and yet, finding a decent lunch around Midtown offices is still harder than it should be....
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