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Chicken Fingers and Birria Take On the East Village

Eater NY 9/28 4:36A Robert Sietsema
The four-finger meal at Raising Cane’s. Two just opened fast-food chains go hard on one dish Is it my imagination, or are national fast-food chains invading New York City faster than ever? A couple of...

The Best Breweries in New York City

Eater NY 9/26 8:52A Luke Fortney
Beers from Grimm Artisanal Ales. The Brooklyn brewery opened in 2018. | Grimm Where to find the best beer in NYC Some of the best beer in New York City is found at craft beer bars — specialty shops...

What Does a $72 Bowl of Noodles Taste Like?

Eater NY 9/25 6:41A Robert Sietsema
Deluxe sashimi soba at Uzuki. | Robert Sietsema/Eater NY Exploring Uzuki, the new temple to soba in Greenpoint Soba is on the rise in New York as ramen is on the wane: You can follow the ramen glamour...

Where to Go for a Blowout Meal in New York City

Eater NY 9/20 10:15A Ryan Sutton
A dish from Sushi Ichimura. | Cole Wilson/Eater NY Where to go for a long overdue blowout meal Maybe you got that new job. Maybe you got that paycheck a day early. Maybe you quit that awful gig. Or...

A Big-Deal Los Angeles Restaurant Is Coming to New York

Eater NY 9/20 4:10A Luke Fortney
Mussels from Camphor. The Los Angeles restaurant is coming to Manhattan for one night. | Wonho Frank Lee/Eater LA Plus, chicken and biscuits at the James Beard food hall — and more intel Camphor, the...

The Essential Mexican Restaurants of New York City

Eater NY 9/19 9:02A Robert Sietsema
Mitica in Greenpoint comes from the team behind Mariscos El Submarino. | Cole Saladino/Eater NY Where to find the city’s best mariscos, mole, birria, and barbacoa Not so long ago New York’s Mexican...

Poisoned: A memorial and a call for courage in food safety

Food Safety News 9/17 6:06P Darin Detwiler
— OPINION — Today, September 18, would be my son, Riley Detwiler’s 32nd birthday.   Earlier this year, I had the privilege and heartache of being part of the recently released Netflix documentary,...

The Holy Grail of Challah From an Internet Bakery

Eater NY 9/15 6:35A Charlotte Druckman
Challah from Challah by Hannah. | Nidhi Gotgi/Challah by Hannah Challah by Hannah is a newish option for the Jewish high holidays — or anytime Diffident and self-conscious , Hannah Schifman hides...

Yes, There Are Plenty of Good Eats at San Gennaro

Eater NY 9/15 4:14A Robert Sietsema
Mulberry Street during this year’s San Gennaro Festival. Plus, advice on how to navigate one of the city’s most crowded fall events This year marks the 97th anniversary of the Feast of San Gennaro in...

The Top Italian Restaurants in New York City

Eater NY 9/14 9:08A Eater Staff
Tagliatelle at the new location of I Sodi. | Robert Sietsema/Eater NY Saucy pasta, tender meatballs, and old-school charm New York City excels at many things, but one of its finest achievements?...

The Best Steakhouses in New York City

Eater NY 9/12 9:16A Eater Staff
The porterhouse for two at Bowery Meat Company. | Bowery Meat Company Where to find the best steaks in the city Perhaps next to dollar-slice pizza joints and bagel shops, the New York steakhouse is up...
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