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Where to Eat Indulgent Lobster Dishes in New York City Right Now (Grub Street) 7/19 5:00A Nikita Richardson
Just a few months ago, it seemed like there might not be enough lobster to go around come summertime, but as it turns out, we re going to be just fine. And while it s tempting to keep it simple with plain steamed lobster and a side of melted...

Fresh Pineapple Syrup

Serious Eats (Recipes) 7/13 2:58A Stella Parks
Fresh pineapple is a luxury of its own, so make the most of it by putting the core (and eyelets) to good use in this fresh, no-cook syrup. The acidic juice in the fruit scraps is more than enough to...

The City s Health Department Plans to Track Street Vendor Carts With GPS (Grub Street) 7/12 5:37A Nikita Richardson
On Monday, New York City s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene published details of a potential new rule requiring street carts and other food-vending operations to be outfitted with GPS trackers. The Post reports that the measure is part of...

No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

Serious Eats (Recipes) 7/12 12:28A Stella Parks
With just five ingredients, including vanilla and salt, this no-churn ice cream tastes pure and simple, with a fresh dairy flavor unlike recipes based on canned milk. Its lightness and custard flavor...

Japanese-Style Salted Salmon (Shiozake)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 7/11 12:25A Sho Spaeth
Salted salmon, or shiozake (often shortened to shake ), is a staple of the Japanese breakfast table and has been since time immemorial. While salted salmon is readily available for purchase in...

Maryland Crab Boil

Serious Eats (Recipes) 7/10 9:40P Daniel Gritzer
Maryland blue crabs are easy to cook, and easy to eat (once you learn how). These basic instructions will help you get your crabs on the table. Just make sure to start with live blue crabs, still...

Halal poultry products recalled for missing inspection

Food Safety News 7/10 6:23P News Desk
Long Island City, NY-based Afandina Halal, has recalled an undetermined amount of raw poultry products that were produced, packaged and distributed without the benefit of federal inspection, according...

Kanafeh (Middle Eastern Cheese and Phyllo Dessert)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 7/10 12:25A Sohla El-Waylly
Crunchy shredded phyllo encases stretchy, gooey cheese in this traditional Middle Eastern dessert that's all about contrast. After baking up golden and crisp, the pastry is drenched in a floral rose...

Spanakopita (Greek Savory Greens Pie)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 7/5 12:25A Sohla El-Waylly
Spanakopita is a traditional Greek savory pie wrapped in flaky layers of crisp phyllo and filled with spinach and salty feta. For a twist on the classic, this version uses an assortment of greens and...

Big Tip: Where Should I Eat Near the Comedy Cellar? (Grub Street) 7/2 4:20A Nikita Richardson
Big Tip is a weekly column featuring dining advice from real people who just happen to also love food. Like strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge or stepping up to the pastrami counter at Katz s, visiting the Comedy Cellar is one of New York City...

11 Excellent Things to Eat, Drink, and Do in New York City This July (Grub Street) 6/29 8:16A Chris Crowley
Every month in New York, there are a bewildering number of new dishes to eat, drinks to imbibe, and food-themed events to attend. Often, the hardest part is just figuring out what s really worth your limited time. So Grub kicks off each month with...

Tamarind and Palm Sugar Popsicles With Chili Salt

Serious Eats (Recipes) 6/29 2:58A Sohla El-Waylly
If you grew up on the salty and spicy tamarind-flavored candy Pelon Pelo Rico , then you'll love these popsicles, which are inspired by the sticky, sweet treat. Palm sugar adds a caramelized sweetness...
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